Classroom Policies

Classroom Policies

Behavioral Expectations

During the first week of school, the class will compile a set of rules that they will agree to follow.  Each student has a pocket on a chart with five cards in it: GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, PINK, and BLUE.  Each morning students begin on green.  If a student breaks a rule, he/she must flip a card.  The consequences are as follows:


GREEN: Good citizen

YELLOW: Verbal warning

ORANGE: Lose 5 minutes of recess

PINK: Loss of Recess and call/note home

BLUE: Detention


When a student stays on green for five days, he/she receives a homework pass for one subject on the night of their choice.  If the whole class stays on green for the day, a marble will be added to a reward jar for class rewards.


Homework Policy

Students will have homework four nights a week (M-Th) except if they are working on a long-term project.  Each night students will write his/her homework assignments in a planner, which must be signed each night by a parent/guardian.  Failure to do homework or have his/her planner signed will result in a flip of their behavior chart and loss of recess time until the assignment is completed.              During the first half of the year, students’ planners will be checked to see if they have written down homework assignments.  After that, it is the students’ responsibility to write down homework assignments.


Missed Work/Absences

Students who are absent and miss work will be required to complete the missed work within the number of days of their absence plus one day.  Failure to do so will result in loss of recess time until work is finished.  Students who miss tests will be given the tests in class.


Corrected Papers

Corrected papers will be sent home daily as needed.  Corrected tests and quizzes will be sent home on Fridays.  These tests and quizzes will go home in an envelope which must be initialed by a parent/guardian and returned the following school day.



Throughout the year, creative projects will be assigned to broaden the learning experience.  Students may be given class time to work on these but they may need extra time to complete at home.  It is encouraged that parents support their children in these opportunities by providing any resources they may need (library time, computer time, art materials, etc.).


Writing Portfolio

In class, I will keep their final writing copies in a binder or “Writing Portfolio”.  This will be a collection of their best work from each quarter so that both you and your child can see their growth throughout the year.


Itinerant Schedule:

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Library & Technology

Wednesday: Chapel

Thursday: Physical Education & Music

Friday: Spanish

*Please remember that gym clothes are required on Thursday for Physical Education.